Occupy, Resist, Produce

A 4-channel video installation by Dario Azzellini and Oliver Ressler
131 min. (combined)
2014 – 2018

2nd Camera, Sound design, mix and color correction: Rudolf Gottsberger | studioROT

The 4-channel video installation “Occupy, Resist, Produce” consists of four films on occupied factories in Milan, Rome, Thessaloniki and Gémenos. In these cases the workers did find ways to organize labor under their own control. Each film is based on discussion with the workers. The workers’ assemblies – always the main decision-making bodies – were recorded. It is fundamental to recognize the differences between the situations, contexts and practices of the four worker-controlled companies, but it is also important to understand workers’ control or recuperation of workplaces as a socio-political action rather than a merely economic procedure.